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InternetPreter is a translation tool that can be used by small businesses, webmasters, students, and all who needs help with translations - on the internet or elsewhere.

For best translation result:

1. Spell correctly :0)

2. Always use spaces between words and after end-of-sentence characters (. , ! ?), including "..."

3. If a word doesn't get translated, try with a shorter form, or a synonym.

4. If a composite word doesn't get translated, try to split it, for instance: web page. (It may not always be linguistically right to do so, but it can help the translation.)

5. If the translation seems odd, use the checkbox for Alternatives, to see more suggestions (if availlable). Many words have several meanings.

6. If a word in the translation still looks wrong, email the admin about it, and it will be corrected.

7. When translating webpages, web addresses sometimes needs to be ended with a slash sign, for images to be showed.

8. The amount of text that can be translated "per click" (if you have an account) is limited to about 50000 characters. For web pages, that includes the html-code.

No automatic translation gets perfect. If you are dissatisfied with the result, please compare with other service on the net. Sometimes they are better, sometimes they are not.



If you don't have an account:
1. Write or paste your text into the left of the two main boxes.
2. Chose language-pair.
3. Click the flag.

The translated text will show up in the right box after a couple of seconds.
Maximum of free text per day is 290 words.

If you have ordered an account and are using the temporal quota:
1. Open the confirmation email that was sent to you and read the instructions.

For more functions, see
(further down on this page)



If you have ordered an account and have logged in with your user name & password, and still gets the 290-words limit message, it means that you have written the user name, the password or both incorrectly.

Double-check your user name and password, and enter them manually. If you are copying them from the confirmation email, be careful not to include by mistake spaces, returns or other characters before or after.

Also check that you haven't mixed accounts if you have ordered more than one account.

There is no "Log-In button" other than the one who opens the log-in fields. You don't have to do more than enter those fields to be logged in. No clicking elsewhere is needed.
As long as you have the log-in fields filled correctly and keeps the browser window open, you are logged in. To avoid being logged out, do not open any other web pages in that window during your translation session. To log out, just close the window.

If you are returning from web page translation to text translation, it sometimes can be best to refresh the browser window to put everything back in order for text translation.


(Note that some of these functions are only available with Internet Explorer.)

Copy - When the translation is done, the text can be copied to the Clip-Board and then pasted wherever you want it.

Save - The text can be saved to your hard-drive, as a text-file (default) or as a html-page.

Email - Send the text in an email. The contentis limited to appr. 130 words.

Print - The translated text can also be printed on paper (if you have a printer connected).

Complete - If your text is long, this function can help you to enter non-translated words. When the automatic tanslation is done, click the button "Complete". Then click on the red words that you like to translate manually, and enter the right translation in the popup-box. All instances of that word in your text will now be altered.

Edit - The text can also be finally edited in the same window.

Enlarge/Restore - The working area can be enlarged, for better overview.

Window for external translators - During the completion you can open an iframe and have quick access to external translators - either the pre-chosen ones, or others that as you enter the internet address to. The iframe window can also be used to open an extra InternetPreter, if you should need that in your editing-work. (The window can also be used as a mini-browser for which ever web sites you chose. For example you may have a news site or a search engine open.)

For other web browsers than the Internet Explorer, some of the above functions may be replaced with your web browser's menu functions, by right-clicking in the result-window and chosing from the popup-menu ("This Frame", for example).